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The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards is to support and accredit spiritual healer licensing agencies of all religions and spiritual paths through a process of upgrading course requirements and delivery of services to meet stringent standards established by applicable governmental agencies and the Federation.


Spiritual healer licensing agencies desiring to become accredited must file an application with the Federation with a complete copy of their educational curriculum and license requirements. Applicants are assigned a coordinator to assist them through the process.

Healing Techniques

The Federation approves all spiritual healing techniques and modalities listed on our web site. Member organizations may use this list, a shortened version of this list or add additional techniques and modalities not listed. Individual spiritual healers may not use any technique not listed without prior approval of a member agency. More About Healing Techniques

Federation Members

The Federation updates this list of accredited and approved licensing boards on a weekly basis. For more information about being licensed as a spiritual healer, please contact one of the following member agencies:

  1. Alliance of Christian Healers License Board (ACHLB)
  2. Essene Healer License Board (EHLB)
  3. Fellowship of Modern Essenes License Board (FMELB)
  4. Independent Science of Mind Fellowship Practitioners (ISOMFP)
  5. Licensed Spiritual Healer Council (LSHC)
  6. Quantum Healer License Board (QHLB)
  7. Quantum Healing Hands License Board (QHHLB)
  8. Quantum Health Coach License Board (QHCLB)
  9. Quantum Health License Board (QHLB)
  10. Quantum Spiritual Coach License Board (QSCLB)
  11. Quantum Spiritual Healer License Board (QSHLB)
  12. Reiki License Commission (RLC)
  13. Spiritual Healer License Board (SHLB)
  14. Spiritual Health Coach License Board (SHCLB)
  15. Spiritual Life Coach License Board (SLCLB)

The Federation accredits educational organizations to provide the prerequisite correspondence courses and required basic coaching skills workshop. A few Accredited Education Organizations have already been approved. Others are invited to meet our requirements.


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