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Mission of the Board

The Alliance of Christian Healers licenses qualified spiritual healers who abide by the Christian faith.  Licensed Spiritual Healers™ may use any tools provided by our Father in Heaven to help God-fearing people regain and improve their spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical health. (Note: the trade name Licensed Spiritual Healer™ is jointly owned by the Alliance of Christian Healers and several other licensing boards.)

Philosophy of Spiritual Healing

According to the teaching of the Christian Church, the power of Jesus Christ can heal anything.  Christian history is filled with miracles of all kinds showered upon those who call upon our Lord for help.  Jesus can heal anybody of anything at any time. Jesus can heal anybody from any spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological or physical illness, disease or condition of any kind. As a licensed spiritual healer your primary job is to help other people find the faith to heal themselves through Jesus.

Prerequisite to Being Licensed

Candidates are required to be Christians.  They may be a member of any Christian church.  Candidates must believe in the power of Jesus to heal anybody of anything at any time.  They must believe they can help heal anybody in the name of Jesus.

Licensed Spiritual Healing Program

The Alliance of Christian Healers License Board licenses qualified spiritual healers.  To qualify, a candidate for licensure must complete the requirements for license.

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